American Federation of Ornithology

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The AMERICAN FEDERATION of ORNITHOLOGY, newly founded, located in the state of Florida, United States of America and affiliated to the C.O.M on January 2016.

The Federation has active members, clubs and associations nationally recognized, our purpose is, ornithology reach the highest level using global standards

The AMERICAN FEDERATION of ORNITHOLOGY welcomes any club to join us.


 We are proud to have as members of A.F.O. 

    • Suncoast Canary and Finch Club
  • New York Colorbred Canary Club 
  • Association of Pan-American Canary Culturists
  • Lone Star State Canary Club
    • Com USA
    • Agapornis Breeders and Exhibitors
    • American Association of Spanish Timbrado Breeders
    • Timbradistas Californianos
    • Color Bred Canary Club of Miami
  • South Florida Bird Breeders Association

Wishing all affiliated clubs a Great and Successful breeding season.


Juan Carlos Vazquez

President  A.F.O

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