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Last updated October 11th , 2019


On July 26 2020, The AFO participated with COM- Mexico and the rest of the Southern Hemisphere COM member countries to participate in a presentation and discussion on the COM Mexico School of Judges.  Wishing COM-Mexico the upmost success! 

AFO was represent by Ricardo Sanchez, Jose Zelada, Jorge Garcia and Julio Masferrer.

NEW Update: This has been in the works for a long time and am glad to see it come to a fruition.  Introducing the National Bird Judges Association NBJA Coordinators: (Top Left) Orlando Perez NCJ/US General Coordinator/ Song Bird Division,(Top Middle) Daniel Maldonado Division Coordinator of Type Canaries, (Top Right)  Marilena Salmones Division Coordinator of  Psittacidae & Parakeets, (Bottom Left) Armando Lee Division Coordinator of the Exotic Section, (Middle Bottom) Jose Zelada Division Coordinator of Colorbred Section and (Bottom Right) Marco                                                                                                       Valenzuela General Secretary. 

A website will be available shortly outlining and providing additional information in the next coming weeks.  More information to come! 

The American Federation of Ornithology thanks the Agapornis Breeders & Exhibitors - International for there participation and assistance in launching the Psittacidae & Parakeets Division. 

Election Results. The American Federation of Ornithology will like to announce the Nomination and Election of Ricardo Sanchez as the new President of the Federation (AFO).

We want to thanks our Founding President Juan Carlos Vasquez for all his hard work and dedication during his term.

Our President and the rest of the Director committee as well as all its member body, Mourn the loss of our Honorary President of the C.O.M. Jacques Philippe.

Our most sincere condolences to his Family and friends, Rest in Peace.

The American Federation of Ornithology welcomes it's newest member the United States Ornithology Union. 

We want to thanks and welcome all their members to the Federation!
The American Federation of Ornithology welcomes it's newest member the Asociation de Amigos Criadores del Timbrado Espanol. 

We want to thanks and welcome all their members to the Federation!
The American Federation of Ornithology welcomes it's newest member the Irish Fancy Canary Club of America!  

We want to thanks and welcome all their members to the Federation!

The American Federation of Ornithology welcomes it's newest member the Spanish Singer Cator Espanol USA

We want to thanks and welcome all their members to the Federation!

The American Federation of Ornithology welcomes it's newest member the Timbradistas Californianos. A Timbrado Canary Club From California. 

We want to thanks and welcome all their members to the Federation!

The American Federation of Ornithology welcomes it's newest member the American Association of Spanish Timbrado Breeders

We want to thank and welcome Orlando Perez (President) and all its members to the Federation. 



Confederation Ornithologique Mondiale Congress Meeting Minutes

January 21st.  2017 (10am Almería, Spain) 


COM President Carlos Fernando Ramoa calls to order the meeting. The President starts his opening monologue welcoming all representative to the Congress. Roll call of the countries begins for voting privilege and to turn in voting proxy representation documentation.

The President Ramoa asked Miguel Penzo (President of COM-Spain and this year’s host of the world show) to address the congress.  He welcomes all in his address.

Pending Business

Point 1.
Com President Ramoa addresses the congress with a welcoming statement. His message to all is "we should be all united". That is his vision. We should spend our time working on important external issues not our internal issues that take away from our time.

Point 2.
The report from the General Secretary Marie-Claire Tarnus was read and accepted.  

Point 3.
The report from the General Treasury Christian Lemee was read and accepted.

Point 4.
The Organization of the next show was supposed to be hosted in France.  Due to internal problems, they have withdrawn from hosting the World show next year. Thus, the Italian organization will assume the responsibility of hosting the World show in 2018. The show will be held in Cesena, Italy.

The Italian Representative take the stage and formally addresses the congress and invites everyone to next year’s event.

Point 5.

The COM President Ramoa announces that in 2019 the Dutch Federation will host the World show. They had submitted a proposal and has been formally accepted. The Dutch Representative was asked to address the congress. He welcomed everyone to the Netherlands in 2019. The COM President Ramoa also announced that the world show will return to Portugal in 2020. The site is yet to be determined.

It was also announced that the COM is accepting proposals for the 2021 until June 17th 2017.  Currently they have only received a proposal from Turkey to host the show that year.  

Point 6

The COM President Ramoa reviewed the requested list of COM sanctioned shows for this upcoming years.  So far, there have been 29 requested for sanctioned shows. Some of the request came from the following countries:

Spain 5 shows
Hungry 1 shows
Italy 10 shows
Holland 3 shows
Portugal 4 shows
Turkey 1 show
Swiss 1 show

Point 7.

Election of Directors. The position of Vice President and Deputy Secretary were up for election.

Election for Vice President.
There was only one nomination for the position of Vice President. The candidate was Giuseppe Ielo from Italy. Ielo was elected uncontested.  Mr. Ielo addressed the congress and gave everyone his thanks for being elected.

Election for deputy Secretary.
The COM received 2 nominations for the position. The incumbent deputy secretary Mr. Ruben (Israel) and Mr. Llemos from Spain (currently the COM-Spain Secretary).  Each candidate addressed the Congress speaking in French, English and Spanish.  The election took place with each country present voted.  Mr. Llemos won the election 29 to 9.  He will hold the position for a term of 3 years. Mr. LLemos addressed the congress and thanked everyone.

New Business

Point 8.
The COM President Ramoa discussed the official statues that the COM is to promote two World shows one in the Northern hemisphere and one in the Southern Hemisphere. He went on to discuss his idea of re-organizing the Southern Hemisphere.  He stated there are two new countries that have been added one in Northern America and one in Central America.  He will be contacting all countries involved to set up the meeting to re-organize that hemisphere.  The COM cannot solve the Southern Hemisphere issues and believe this re organization will help with the internal problem they have been experiencing.  He also discussed the need for a second show due to the different breeding and molting cycles in the Southern Hemisphere.  He reminded everyone that the COM is one organization not a partial.

In conclusion, the South, Central and Northern American countries will be called into a meeting to treat this matter.  
Point 9.
The COM President Ramoa announces the induction of a new country in the COM. Lebanon. The representatives take the stage and address the congress. (Photo ensued)

The COM President Ramoa then discussed that the country of Mexico is in its final process of being accepted into the COM. They should be finalized by next year.

Point 10.

The COM has decided to adopt a new software to manage all shows. This software will allow better record management of show results by the COM. Only with the cooperation of each country will the COM have the records of all the breeders of each member of country. More information to follow when the software becomes available.

Point 11.

Reviewed the Portugal proposal on rings and the information that is in-scripted on them.  The Rings are currently purchased through National Organization. Discussed changing the way the rings are coded for identification. This change will be for the ring to have the following codes: “The four points of the Ring”- The code for the country, Federation, Breeder number and Letter for ring diameter identification.  This is currently under negotiations.

Conclusion: this proposal is to make ring identification a uniformed process. This point was tabled with further discussion and communication to follow.

Point 12.
The COM wants to start a study on the Avian Flu in canaries. The Canary makes up 80% of the World shows. The COM is trying to identify finding assistance from avian veterinary authority to help prove that our canaries are not susceptible to the avian flu. Discussed

Point 13.
No country has brought any new proposal to discuss any new business at today congress. The president reminded everyone that any New business that needs to be discussed must be submitted to in writing prior to the Congress meeting.

The COM President Ramoa commences the closure of the Congress. He invites the former COM President who was in attendance to address the congress.  Closing ceremonies begin and the Congress ends.


Updated 1/16/2017

La Directiva de nuestra “American Federation of Ornithology”estara presente, representando a todos nuestros Miembros y Asociados,en el congreso de la C.O.M. (Conferencia Mundial de Ornitologia)que se realizara en el Campeonato mundial de Ornitologia en Almeria España el proximo Enero 20 -22 .

The Board of Directors of the "American Federation of Ornithology" will be present at the World Ornithology Conference (C.O.M) to be held at the World Ornithology Championships in Almeria Spain this upcoming January 20 through 22nd. They will be representing all our Members, Associates and Clubs.

65th World Championships to be held in Almeria, Spain January  20th -22nd 2017. Hope to see you there!

The World Ornithological Championship of the COM is an event organized each year by a member country of the COM, which for geographic reasons, one is held in the Northern Hemisphere at the end of January and another in the Southern Hemisphere at the end of July.  

 It is the motor that moves the ornithological world of sports. A large majority of the 40 countries that make up the COM are present and represented by their delegations. The competing units are transferred by these delegations through a service of very qualified porters for this management.

  It is the ornithological manifestation par excellence, hoped for by thousands of fans, there converge large and modest, where both have the opportunity to evaluate the level of their breeding grounds, to acquire new genes to refresh them, to visit the commercial stands And thus to know at first hand the technological and scientific advances that in this matter specialized commercial houses present every year and help to improve the production and quality of the hatcheries. And above all, you have the opportunity to meet people and make many friends united by a common link and that is none other than the passion for birds.

  First the arrival of the birds, then the expert judges choosing the champions of race, the inauguration, the meeting with friends of all years, the arrival of thousands of visitors, the gala dinner and awards ceremony, the closing, the Retreat of the birds, a whole set of activities that make of the Championship of the World of Ornithology, a unique and incomparable event.


El Campeonato del Mundo de Ornitología de la COM, es un evento organizado cada año por un país miembro de la COM, que por razones geográficas, se realiza uno de ellos en el Hemisferio norte a finales de Enero y otro en el Hemisferio sur a finales de Julio.

  Es el motor que mueve el mundo ornitológico deportivo. Una gran mayoría de los 40 países que componen la COM están allí presentes y representados por sus delegaciones. Los ejemplares que compiten son trasladados por estas delegaciones mediante un servicio de porteadores muy cualificados para esta gestión.

  Es la manifestación ornitológica por excelencia, esperada con ansia por miles de aficionados, allí convergen los grandes y los modestos, donde unos y otros tienen la oportunidad de evaluar el nivel de sus criaderos, de adquirir nuevos genes para refrescarlos, de visitar los stands comerciales y así conocer de primera mano los avances tecnológicos y científicos que en esta materia las casas comerciales especializadas presentan cada año y ayudan a mejorar la producción y calidad de los criaderos. Y por sobre todo, se tiene la oportunidad de conocer personas y hacer multitud de amigos unidos por un nexo común y que no es otro que la pasión por las aves.

  Primero la llegada de los pájaros, luego los jueces expertos eligiendo los campeones de raza, la inauguración, el encuentro con los amigos de todos los años, la llegada de miles de visitantes, la cena de gala y entrega de premios, la clausura, la retirada de los pájaros, todo un conjunto de actividades que hacen del Campeonato del Mundo de Ornitología, un evento único e incomparable.